Testing Instruments

Theogectric has all necessary instruments to carry out all testing in accordance to regulations.

Multitester (Meger)

This special instrument has the following functions

  • Multimeter
  • Insulation tester
  • Continuity tester
  • Earth Fault loop impedance tester
  • Fault level tester
  • RCD tester

Earth Tester (Meger)

Earth Tester measures the resistance to earth of the earth electrode by using the 3 Point Method ( Widsston bridge). The earthing electrode must be disconnected from the systems.

With an addition of a component the instrument can measure the electrode earth resistance when is connected to a live electrical installation

Multimeters (Fluke)

Multimeters are used for measuring  AC/DC voltage and current, resistance

Clamp multimeter meters (Klein)

Clamp meter measures AC/DC currents of wires without disconnection of wire.

Measures AC and DC voltages up to 1000V.

Suitable of Electrical Installations and Solar Systems

Data Logger / Power analyzer

Theogectric has two of these special instruments in order to carry out measurements , of all electrical parameters of single or three phase circuits and record values  for a period of time.

The data are uploaded to a computer where can be analyzed and determine Power quality Level, find faults, estimate required size of power factor correction unit size required or size of  harmonic filter required to improve power quality

Data Logger are configured to measure and record some or all of the parameters for the three phases, Neutral, and earth.


  • Voltages
  • Currents
  • Frequency
  • Power active, reactive, apparent
  • Voltage and current harmonics
  • Power factor
  • Voltage spikes and swells
  • Current spikes
  • Motor starting currents
  • And more


This instrument owned by Theogectric is used to monitor any type and frequency signals. It is useful for identifying faults, noise and anomalies of high frequency waveforms ie Harmonics etc

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