Preventive Maintenance

Qualified Theogectris’s teams carry out proper equipment inspections, collects data from measurements and supervisory monitoring software and proceed with corrective measures before a failure occurs.

During preventing maintenance:

  1. Data are collected from software and special measurements.

Theogectric is equipped with proper, precision instruments like mustimeter, multitesters, oscilloscope, clamp meters, power analysers/data loggers, laptop software to read data from site Power Monitoring units thru Modbus protocol.

  1. Detailed periodic visual inspection is carried out to ensure that all equipment is clean from dust, moisture, insects etc
  2. Inspection of cables and wires to determine physical condition
  3. Check of tightness of all cable terminals, busbar connections bolts.

Due to vibration bolts may be loosen.

  1. Measurement of motor insulation if applicable
  2. Check of operation of circuit breaker, overload relays.
  3. Check that all ventilation fans are rotating properly and air grilles are clean
  4. Check RCDs with rcd tester to ensure proper operation at specified sensitivity and time

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