PV system installer

  • Theogectric is a PV system installer you can trust
  • Theogectric has the knowledge and experience to install any PV system
  • The team always visits the installation place to establish best orientation, inclination of the panels and record any objects which create shades.
  • The team will select the best PV panel suitable for the specific installation. The parameters of the panels  are always considered
  • A suitable inverter will be selected to ensure proper operation and compatibility with PV panels for maximum performance and reliability.
  • All selected panels include bypass diodes. Selected Inverters include Shading management function in order to ensure, that in case of shadows or a faulty panel, the system will continue running providing the maximum energy.

We deliver all our projects with an uncompromising commitment to our customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations through the application of cutting-edge technologies, processes and practices

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