PhotoVoltaic Systems

Theogectric  is an expert solar system Designer, Supplier and Installer ready to help your business or home.

Theogectric’s team can install Solar Systems on House flat roof, House Ceramic roofs, Warehouse roof and Open Ground areas.

Solar system capacity will be in accordance to the available space and approvals from the Authorities.

The size can be from a few kW up to MW.


    • Solar PV energy is free and unlimited
    • Solar PV systems reduce fossil fuels and help the environment
    • Solar PV energy is clean and green
    • PV Solar Systems are quiet
    • PV solar systems require very little maintenance
    • Savings to Electricity Bills
    • PV systems are reliable. Can last for more than 30 years
    • For PV installation there is government funding
    • PV solar systems contribute to a sustainable future

We deliver all our projects with an uncompromising commitment to our customers’ needs while exceeding their expectations through the application of cutting-edge technologies, processes and practices

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